ACT Case Study

“” I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if not for IntelliSource.””

– Ken Tomasetti


ACT’s price-based value proposition was under threat by foreign competitors often selling finished product cheaper than ACT bought raw materials. ACT was operating near break-even and needed to identify markets where they could compete and increase market share with those customers.


Military-specification requirements precluded foreign competitors from premium markets which valued quality solutions and service over lowest-cost products. IntelliSource repositioned ACT from a low-cost commodity cable tie company to a fastening solutions company targeting these customers. While ACT sells exclusively through distribution, the repositioning opened the door for ACT to engage with end users for the first time and conduct front-end customer strategy to develop new solutions and products. IntelliSource convinced distributors to support the effort and organized a meeting with top aerospace customers. This first meeting led to new product innovations – including the invention of a new cable tie cut-off tool – and instigated ongoing customer conversations.


ACT went from break-even to break-out success. The repositioning elevated ACT from a lower-tier supplier to a primary source, and ACT dominants the premium cable tie market. They receive weekly requests for new products and ideas from customers, and the cut-off tool alone has generated millions in new revenue. Since engaging with IntelliSource profits and valuation have quadrupled.