Corfin Industries

Corfin Industries


Corfin enjoyed a leadership position in their market; however, their brand image was not on par with the quality of their services. The struggle to communicate their competitive differentiation and value was the greatest factor limiting sales. Ownership wanted to rebrand the company to increase revenue and position the company for acquisition.


IntelliSource’s customer research confirmed Corfin’s superior performance and value due to the reliability of their robotic processes to fully mitigate risks. IntelliSource rebranded Corfin as a “Component Preparation Solutions company Preventing Catastrophic Failure in Mission Critical Systems” leveraging their 100% robotic hot-solder dip process to differentiate them from competing hand-dip processes. IntelliSource crafted a new brand image, website, and videos educating the market about the risks of hand-dipping versus robotic-dipping.


The educational marketing videos successfully articulated Corfin’s competitive differentiation and helped convert new business at an accelerated rate. The videos together with the rebranding and website elevated Corfin’s revenue development and brand image on par with their high-quality services. Within a year of engaging with IntelliSource, ownership successfully executed their high-value exit strategy.