Glytec Case Study


Glytec, an early stage medical software company, faced the challenge of selling their novel digital diabetes management software competing against an incumbent free solution. The invention of a new category, risk-averse healthcare market, and committee purchasing model translated to a difficult and prolonged sales cycle. Glytec needed a clear message and effective materials to accelerate the sales cycle among the many constituencies on the purchasing committee and limit the cost-per-sale while establishing a critical mass of early adopters.


Given the aggregate obstacles in the Glytec sales cycle, IntelliSource determined the most effective way to advance sales among the diverse and risk-averse buying committee was to enlist existing customers to develop and deliver materials and messaging to convert new prospects. IntelliSource filmed a documentary with Sentara Healthcare who had significantly improved diabetes management since enrolling with Glytec. In the documentary, Dr. Paul Chidester outlined the health system’s journey from struggles with diabetes management leading to the death of two patients to a leader in diabetes management with Glytec.


The documentary IntelliSource produced with Sentara was shared by an online medical journal which linked the documentary leading to over 9,000 views from a small target audience of health system leaders. The customer-to-customer sales model helped Glytec convert a critical mass of early adopters and grow the company toward profitability with a lean sales force during a time of volatility in healthcare. Glytec reengaged IntelliSource to evolve the message to convert an early majority of health systems for whom strategic and financial outcomes are primary decision factors.