Magseal Case Study


Magseal provided bearing seals primarily to aerospace and military markets. They had specific business targets to increase revenues and profits, but were struggling to grow at a rate necessary to achieve their targets. They contracted IntelliSource to position the company and develop messaging.


IntelliSource research revealed that diversifying to new markets was necessary to achieve growth targets and liberate revenue from the ebbs and flows of the aerospace and military markets. IntelliSource repositioned Magseal as a Specialty Seals Solutions Company Maximizing Critical System Reliability to target both existing markets and high-growth emerging opportunities in automotive and electric motor industries. IntelliSource produced marketing collateral and videos educating the marketplace about the technical advantages of Magseal in critical applications with high speed, vibration, and/or reliability requirement. IntelliSource trained distributors to deliver the new message within the existing markets and developed a prospecting plan leveraging the marketing content to convert prospects and gain a foothold in new target markets.


The educational marketing videos and content enabled Magseal to better communicate their differentiation through their distributors and continue to growth in the aerospace and military markets. Following the success of the initial engagement, Magseal extended the engagement enlisting IntelliSource to execute the prospecting plan and expand the brand in the premium automotive racing and electric vehicle markets. Working with IntelliSource, Magseal expanded their market share in Formula One.