Mar-Lee Companies


Mar-Lee Companies was experiencing declining profits due to foreign competition and economic pressures. They needed to attract new customers in emerging growth markets to increase profitability and valuation.


IntelliSource research revealed the major source of Mar-Lee’s revenue had extremely tight margins that did not translate to profitability and growth. IntelliSource identified Mar-Lee’s expertise in automation as a competitive differentiator and rebranded the company pivoting their position from a low-margin volume manufacturer to a strategic partner investing in automation upfront to lower lifetime manufacturing costs for customers while enjoying a higher margin. IntelliSource produced a professional video highlighting the automation and rebranded the break-even “Technology Center” “Mar-Lee Medical” under a cohesive company brand targeting more profitable markets.


Mar-Lee’s transition from high-revenue low-profit volume business to high-margin strategic partnerships resulted in double-digit growth in profits for five consecutive years. The “Extreme Automation” video and brand captured the attention of global corporation Texen who went on to acquire Mar-Lee in a highly successful exit.