SalesNet Case Study

“Other firms provided reports, IntelliSource provided results. It’s hard to beat a competitor when you’re playing by their rules… but it’s easy when you change the rules of the game and re-define the playing field. That is exactly what IntelliSource International helped us do at Salesnet. Through the IntelliSource process we were able to transform complexity into clarity by defining our technological advantage in terms that clearly differentiated us from our competitors and resonated with customers, prospects and investors. Results speak for themselves. IntelliSource gave us the golden-key to accelerating sales: They created a unique approach that opens doors, leaves a strong first impression and catapults our sales team beyond the first meeting.”

– Mike Doyle, CEO


SalesNet needed a more effective use of sales resources to improve conversion rates. They struggled to articulate a highly complex and technical advantage into a clear and compelling sales message.


After defining the ideal target market and prospect, IntelliSource developed a sales presentation that wrapped the complex technological advantage into a simple and convincing story. We created a set of sales tools to work effectively across customer touchpoints – from on the phone to in-person – and trained the sales force to use the tools and deliver the message.


SalsesNet was acquired by RightNow Technologies, who were then acquired by Oracle.