Silver Oak Case Study

“I would encourage any CEO that really wants to take their sales effort to the next level to involve their leadership team and their sales team in this process. We had some serious gaps and some holes in our presentation that we are going to plug. I wrote down four or five very specific tips that I would not have expected to take away at this point in my career that will make me more effective.”

– Dean Dorman, CEO


Silver Oak, a VC-backed financial services firm, was struggling to differentiate in a highly competitive market. They needed to better message and position themselves in-front of high profile prospects to improve conversion rates.


IntelliSource worked with the leadership team to develop a compelling master message and crafted sales collateral targeting the high profile ideal prospect. We then trained the partners and associates to present their proposals in a manner that immediately established trust and rapport to differentiate Silver Oak and advance the sale.


The messaging and training helped Silver Oak succeed leading to a favorable acquisition by CGI.