Ventriflo Case Study


IntelliSource had previously helped Ventriflo win the Granite State Technology Innovation Grant to help fund development of their novel pulsatile-flow heart pump. After this initial success, however, progress had stagnated. Ventriflo reached out to IntelliSource again to help raise capital to fund FDA trials.


IntelliSource branded Ventriflo’s pulsatile-flow pump the “True Pulse Pump” which unlike continuous-flow pumps contributing to poor outcomes provided “Blood Flow the Way It Should Be.” IntelliSource filmed an education marketing interview with Dr. Jack Copeland, a pioneer in heart transplant surgery, outlining the clinical risks of existing pumps and endorsing Ventriflo as the only pump capable of deliver a true pulse with the potential to become the standard of care for a billion-dollar industry. IntelliSource also worked on pursuing grant funding crafting a video and presentation for the National Institute of Health.


IntelliSource continued their 100% success rate working with Ventriflo winning the National Institute of Health pitch-fest and award funding. The press from the NIH together with the endorsement of Dr. Copeland reinvigorated investors. Within four months of engaging IntelliSource, Ventriflo raised $2,000,000 to advance through FDA trials.