Transform Vision into Revenue

What makes IntelliSource different?

We don’t just collect the dots…We connect them.

Degrees of separation between researchers, strategists, creatives, and messengers confound most revenue growth efforts. Founded by and for executives with the frontline experience to translate insight into action, we connect data from four critical sources to define and dominate high-profit, high growth markets.

“I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if not for IntelliSource. It completely changed how we do business: how we develop new product, how we go to market, and most importantly, we got closer to our customers.”

– Ken Tomasetti


What separates your company from the competition? Understanding internal strengths and weaknesses is key to establishing differentiation and prioritizing activities that drive growth.


Substitution is the fiercest form of competition. We identify disruptive “corner” elements to direct clients to preempt industry shifts and pivot toward future opportunities.


Competitive analysis illuminates your position in the marketplace relative to your competitors. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of all players in a market is a prerequisite for establishing true differentiation and value.


We involve your customers and prospects on the frontend to test ideas, conserve budgets, and confirm a position that will generate revenue on the backend.

We confront tough realities to inform tough decisions.

A client once asked us how to beat a foreign competitor selling finished product cheaper than he bought raw materials. Answer: Confront reality and compete elsewhere. From repositioning, to business model innovation, to accelerating an exit, connecting dots informs strategic actions to maximize valuation. For the client above, our customer research led to the invention of a product worth millions annually, and we repositioned to dominate the higher profit premium market.

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Growth Strategy

We help clients shift their targeted positioning from low-margin legacy markets to high-margin growth opportunities.

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Master Message

The Master Message is the cornerstone of the IntelliSource process. It defines the position you will grow into and communicates your value to the marketplace.

We deliver revenue, not just reports.

Overwhelmingly, CEOs rate their product quality eight or nine out of ten but rate their marketing and sales abilities a five or lower. Why? Product development uses processes and standards; marketing and sales do not. Developed and proven over 30 years producing double digit growth for public companies, our defined sales process and standards deploy consistent and scientific messaging at every touchpoint to convert prospects based on emotion and logic.

“If you can generate 10% more sales because the close rate is better because you have a more highly trained sales team, which then flows to the bottom line and gets multiplied by 5-10x, the value of your company goes up steeply fast with some help from professionals like IntelliSource.”

– Rick Hajec

Master Presentation

The Master Presentation is the foundation of the message delivery process. After testing the message with customers, we train your team to deliver it consistently and effectively.


Your customers are your most effective sales force and likely far underutilized. We employ your customers to not only validate but to deliver your message and convert prospects.

Brand Development

Every customer interaction either affirms or alters their opinion of your brand. Often these interactions occur when you’re not in the room. We disseminate a consistent message across channels to fortify your strategic position in the minds of buyers.

Video Production

Video is an incredibly powerful sales medium. It delivers the best message 100% of the time to thousands of prospects in an instant. It charges no commission, helps train your sales force, and anchors your message.

We build lasting relationships with clients.

IntelliSource takes great pride in earning our role as a trusted adviser and partner to business leaders. Whether clients extend an engagement to convert the first customers in a new market, we enter long-term relationships as vested partners and board advisers, or business leaders reengage us on new ventures, we believe in building enduring relationships and exceeding expectations. We are always open to our clients for conversation and advice.